24 BIT 192kHz
2.04 GB RAR, 3.85 GB unRAR’d
Schoeps MK4,MK8,DPA 4060 (2) Cooper CS104, Sound Devices 744T
Sales through this site are single-user licenses, if you are working at a facility and are interested in a multi-user site license, please contact me.

About Typewriters

On its face, REA_014 is a diverse collection of typewriters spanning over 80 years of mechanical innovation, from the turn of the century to the mid–1970s. The seven typewriters provide source material to cover most of your secretarial needs. In addition to the library’s obvious usage, there are endless mechanical possibilities. Recorded at 192kHz, each sound is ideally suited to exploit pitch shifting. Play these machines at half speed and feel the heft of real craftsmanship: the torque and thud of the hammer’s blow, the carriage return’s zipper-like windup.

Each typewriter has been recorded with up to 4 mono perspectives:

  • Close
  • Distant
  • Under Keyboard, Close
  • Under Type Bars, Close

The multi-channel flexibility allows you to highlight a single channel, or a blend of all 4 mono perspectives. Design to your taste. Mavis Beacon skills not required.

Our lovely collection of typewriters includes:

Smith Corona Classic 12, Smith Corona Sterling, Royal Companion, Olivetti Lettera 22, Remington Standard Model 10, Royal Standard Model 10, and the Woodstock Standard Manual.

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