Hind Helicopter
24 BIT 96kHz
4.5 GB RAR, 6.69 GB unRAR’d
Exterior: Schoeps MK4, Sennheiser MKH 40, MKH 60, Sennheiser 8020, 8040, and 8050. Onboard: MKH 30/40. Sound Devices 7-Series Recorders. Interior Switches and Exterior Electrical Systems were recorded with a Schoeps MK4 + MK8 and a Sennheiser 8060
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About Hind Helicopter

One Soviet-era helicopter, four recordists, and plenty of fuel brings you REA_010 Hind. The Mi–24 Hind is a Soviet gunship that was introduced in 1969 and saw action in Afghanistan and throughout the Cold War. I had the opportunity to record the Hind and assembled a team of recordists to get ‘er done.

Sometimes when an opportunity presents itself, you just have to jump at it. This an animal of a helicopter that requires 26,000 lbs of thrust to get off the ground and pushes a ton of air. The helicopter’s large size and five blades give it a unique sound that is a combination of a “chirpy” whine and extreme low end.

This collection features a series of pass-bys and maneuvers from a number of perspectives, as well as onboard recordings from the crew compartment of the aircraft. This library also offers meticulous recordings of all the switches and the electrical system of the aircraft. The internal workings of the machine are full of character and, at times, sound downright possessed.

This library could not have come together without the generous collaboration of the following recordists: Rob Byers, Kelly Pieklo, and John Loranger.

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