Antique Engines
24 BIT 192kHz and 96kHz
6.3 GB RAR, 9.63 GB unRAR’d
Schoeps MK4+MK8, Sennheiser MKH30+MKH40, Sennheiser MKH60, Sanken CUB-01, Cooper CS-104, Sound Devices 744T
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About Antique Engines

REA_009 is a collection of stationary antique engines (both steam and gas) that were used for DC power generation. At the turn of the century before electricity was widely available, these engines were used to provide energy to water plants, factories, farms, and just about anything that needed power. These contraptions are a gold mine of mechanical sounds: steam chuffs, exhaust puffs, whirrs, whines, and bangs.

Antique Engines features over 11 machines from the turn of the century that will fill all of your gas and steam powered needs. Many of the larger engines were recorded with at least 4 channels so different parts of the engines can be emphasized to taste.

The Engines were recorded with the following pieces of gear: Sennheiser MKH30/40, Sennheiser MKH 60, Schoeps MK4/MK8, Sanken CUB–01, Cooper CS–104, Sound Devices 744T.

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