Why settle for just one rabbit when you can have the entire Rabbit Family? All of our libraries are now in one happy family. Rabbit Ears Audio would like to offer sound designers an affordable path to own all of our work. The Rabbit Family is an opportunity to purchase our entire catalog at a substantial discount. Since we know our Military Vehicles collection is large and very specific, we are offering The Rabbit Family with or without Military Vehicles. We understand that sometimes you feel like a tank and sometimes you don’t. This is a collection of libraries that would normally run $2,500.00, and you can have it at a 30% discount.

About The Rabbit Family

If you have purchased libraries in the past, please get in touch and we can work out a means for you to upgrade to The Rabbit Family at a discount.

The Rabbit Family includes the following libraries:

REA_001 Rockets
REA_002 Small Motors
REA_003 Hydrophonic
REA_004 Metal Machines
REA_005 Military Vehicles
REA_006 Bells
REA_007 Brooks Streams Waterfalls
REA_008 Animal Bells
REA_009 Antique Engines
REA_010 Mi–24 Hind
REA_011 Jet Turbines
REA_012 Winter Atmos
REA_013 Roomtones and Air Tones
REA_014 Typewriters
REA_016 Rockets2: Static Burns
REA_017 Steam Whistles
REA_018 Port of Call
REA_019 NYC Rooftops
REA_020 High Country Wind