High Country Wind
24 BIT 96 kHz WAV.
12.5 GB .RAR, 19.52 unRAR'd
Schoeps Double ORTF, Cooper CS104, Sound Devices 744T
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About High Country Wind

This Library is all about elevation! We went looking for wind and found a lot of it between 8,000–10,000 feet up in the mountains of Colorado.

We explored Colorado during two different seasons to record ambiences that are fairly unique to region. High Country Wind is another Quad (L/R/Ls/Rs) ambience collection from Rabbit Ears Audio. We dragged, hiked, and climbed our double ORTF rig high in the sky. The first half of the library features recordings made during autumn in aspen groves, just as the leaves were changing color and were falling from the trees. The sounds of Aspens blowing in the wind is fairly unique and can almost sound like passing rain under the right conditions.

The second half of the library was recorded during the height of winter. We found ourselves in some nauseating elevations hiking through deep snow to find the right coniferous forests that had things to communicate. They whispered. They howled. They groaned. We froze our butts off and made ourselves sick so you wouldn’t have to.

The double ORTF rig consists of 4 Schoeps CMC5 bodies with MK4 capsules. The ambiences were tracked to a Sound Devices 744T with Cooper CS-104 front end. The pre-amps on the Cooper were ideal for recording quiet ambiences.

This library could not have been made without additional recording and help from Kelly Pieklo. I’m grateful for his ears, four wheel drive vehicles, and willingness to go over 10,000 feet for good sounds.

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