Military Vehicles
24 BIT 96 kHz WAV files
Complete Collection 20.85 GB .RAR, 31.16 GB unRAR’d
Exterior: Schoeps MS pair, Neumann RSM 191; Onboard: Sanken CUB 01 (multiple), Sennheiser 835S(multiple), Crown PZM, Sound Devices 744T and Deva 5
File Listing
Important purchasing options and notes: Each vehicle is available for purchase individually or the library can be purchased as a complete collection at a discounted rate. In addition, buyers of the complete collection will receive the M75 APC which broke down on the day of our shoot but provided a great collection of false starts, engine whines, and stalls. All of the onboard recordings are multichannel mono files and the exteriors are un-matrixed mid-side recordings. Also not all of the coverage is exactly the same, so please read the file listings to ensure the library is right for your needs.
Sales through this site are single-user licenses, if you are working at a facility and are interested in a multi-user site license, please contact me.

About Military Vehicles

Here’s a complete list of the vehicles in the collection with their individual download details:

M5A1 Stuart Tank: In service WWII and Korean War. Engine: 2x Cadillac Flathead V8.

– 36 exterior files | 75 onboard files | 2.8 GB download, 4.34 GB unRAR’d |

M60A3 Combat Tank: In service 1961–1997. Engine: Continental V–12

– 55 exterior files | 90 onboard files | 3.2 GB download, 4.96 GB unRAR’d |

M41A2 Walker Bulldog Tank: In service 1951–1970s. Engine: Continental AOS–895–3.

– 75 exterior files | 96 onboard files | 5.8 GB download, 8.28 GB unRAR’d |

M106A1 Mortar Carrier: In service 1960s–1980s. Engine: 212 hp Diesel.

– 37 exterior files | 59 onboard files | 2.6 GB download, 4.03 GB unRAR’d |

M4A2E8 Sherman Tank: In service 1942–1955. Engine Diesel GM 6046 (2×6–71 inline).

– 38 exterior files | 112 onboard files | 4.2 GB download, 6.34 GB unRAR’d |

M42A1 Duster Tank: In service 1953–1963. Engine: 6-cylinder air cooled gasoline.

– 34 exterior files | 32 onboard files | 1.4 GB download, 2.17 GB unRAR’d |

M75 Armored Personnel Carrier: In service Korean War. Engine: 6-cylinder AO–895–2.

– only available as part of complete collection | 683.3 MB download