Port of Call
24 BIT 96 kHz WAV.
5 GB RAR, 8.46GB unRAR'd
Schoeps Double ORTF, Sennheiser 40/30, Cooper CS104, Sound Devices 744T
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About Port of Call

REA_018 is another collaboration with Game Audio Director Rob Bridgett. Port of Call is a unique collection of industrial ambiences. Shipping ports are one of my white whales. Getting access to any port of entry with recording equipment is a tall order.

St. John’s, Newfoundland has an very active port, and is accessible if you know the right Canadians. Large and small industrial tankers come from the Atlantic into St. John’s harbor. The harbor’s large cove makes it an ideal location for recording. The surrounding hillsides provide great distant perspectives, and close access to shipping containers provide great industrial strength banging.

One of the features of this library is the collection of ship compressor horns. Every two years the harbor is blasted by the sounds of coordinated (scored) compressor ship horns of the Sound Symposium Harbor Symphony. There’s a staggering 100 plus takes of all sorts of compressor horn madness.

The library consists of three main parts:

Distant Ambiences (quad and stereo): Recordings from various perspectives around the docks. Rabbit Ears was able to get a number of unique perspectives from various elevations because of the protected nature of the cove surrounding the docks.

Dockside Container Movements (stereo): Recordings made from close perspectives as containers are unloaded, aggressively moved, and generally banged about.

HOOOOooonk – Ship Horns (stereo): Rob was lucky enough to capture a variety of ships entering and departing the cove around St. John’s. Some of the recordings come from an annual symposium where ship horns are “performed” in a bit of nautical improvisation.

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