NYC Rooftops
24 BIT 96 kHz WAV.
25.6 GB RAR, 42GB unRAR’d
Schoeps Double ORTF (MK4 x4), Cooper CS104, Sound Devices 744T
Sales through this site are single-user licenses, if you are working at a production facility and are interested in a multi-user site license, please contact me.

About NYC Rooftops

REA_019 is the culmination of over two years of urban recording in the city that never sleeps. Recorded on rooftops around New York City, this four-hour collection features 20GB and fifty tracks of quad (L/R/Ls/Rs) ambiences.

Each neighborhood and building was carefully chosen to take advantage of the sonic palette the city offers. The collection includes:

  • police sirens
  • fire truck sirens
  • ambulance sirens
  • brake squeals
  • distant buses
  • garbage trucks
  • drunk people milling about
  • helicopters
  • airs (with that signature NYC hum)
  • patio parties

Does your post-apocalyptic urban environment need backgrounds? Are you working on that reboot of The Warriors? Look no further. We already went out and played.

This library could not have been made without additional recording from Kris Fenske and countless New Yorkers with roof access.

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