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Military Vehicles


  • Files: 24 BIT 96 kHz WAV files
  • Download: Complete Collection 20.85 GB .RAR, 31.16 GB unRAR’d
  • Equipment: Exterior: Schoeps MS pair, Neumann RSM 191; Onboard: Sanken CUB 01 (multiple), Sennheiser 835S(multiple), Crown PZM, Sound Devices 744T and Deva 5
  • File Listing: M5A1, M60A3, M41A2, M106A1, M4A2E8, M42A1, M75 APC

Sales through this site are single-user licenses, if you are working at a production facility and are interested in a multi-user site license, please contact me.

Important purchasing options and notes: Each vehicle is available for purchase individually or the library can be purchased as a complete collection at a discounted rate. In addition, buyers of the complete collection will receive the M75 APC which broke down on the day of our shoot but provided a great collection of false starts, engine whines, and stalls. All of the onboard recordings are multichannel mono files and the exteriors are un-matrixed mid-side recordings. Also not all of the coverage is exactly the same, so please read the file listings to ensure the library is right for your needs.

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Product Description

Here’s a complete list of the vehicles in the collection with their individual download details:

M5A1 Stuart Tank: In service WWII and Korean War. Engine: 2x Cadillac Flathead V8.

– 36 exterior files | 75 onboard files | 2.8 GB download, 4.34 GB unRAR’d |

M60A3 Combat Tank: In service 1961–1997. Engine: Continental V–12

– 55 exterior files | 90 onboard files | 3.2 GB download, 4.96 GB unRAR’d |

M41A2 Walker Bulldog Tank: In service 1951–1970s. Engine: Continental AOS–895–3.

– 75 exterior files | 96 onboard files | 5.8 GB download, 8.28 GB unRAR’d |

M106A1 Mortar Carrier: In service 1960s–1980s. Engine: 212 hp Diesel.

– 37 exterior files | 59 onboard files | 2.6 GB download, 4.03 GB unRAR’d |

M4A2E8 Sherman Tank: In service 1942–1955. Engine Diesel GM 6046 (2×6–71 inline).

– 38 exterior files | 112 onboard files | 4.2 GB download, 6.34 GB unRAR’d |

M42A1 Duster Tank: In service 1953–1963. Engine: 6-cylinder air cooled gasoline.

– 34 exterior files | 32 onboard files | 1.4 GB download, 2.17 GB unRAR’d |

M75 Armored Personnel Carrier: In service Korean War. Engine: 6-cylinder AO–895–2.

– only available as part of complete collection | 683.3 MB download